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Closed Panel Timber Frame Modern Method Of Construction

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Timber PAK SW Ltd specialises in the manufacture, supply and construction of domestic home and commercial timber frame panels. The company’s team members have over 25 years of experience and has to date completed substantial projects throughout the South West of England.

Timber Frame is a well proven, versatile construction method. As a modern method of construction, it is far removed from the softwood framing of the mid-20th Century. This modern method uses the very latest advanced breathable membranes, insulation and vapour control layers. Timber PAK SW Ltd closed panel systems offer many key benefits:

Full off-site timber frame construction

Reduction in site wastage

Reduction in site storage needs

Reduction in risk of delays

Fully Sustainable Building Material

Timber Frame Construction

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Our intimate knowledge of timber frame construction provides a cost effective and energy efficient process.

  • Service: At Timber PAK coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.
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Construction Companies

Partner with Timber PAK SW Ltd and benefit from Modern Methods of Construction.

timber frame construction

Faster build times, easy project management and quality in-house frame production.


Your property, you want to own and live in. Timber PAK SW Ltd sets the standard.

timber frame construction

We offer faster return on investment, reduced snagging and ultimately happy tenants.

Architects & Designers

We're proud of our Service, Product, Service approach. We provide quality customer care.

Why choose timber frame construction?

  • We can reduce costs and create faster asset value

While broadly cost comparative with traditional building methods, the build times for Timber PAK off site Panel Timber Frame Construction allow for resulting property builds to be completed up to 30% faster than for other materials. Such fast construction reduces time onsite and the disruption this causes to a local area, speeds up practical completion and therefore provides a more efficient build structure greatly reducing costs.

  • Faster completion

Our timber frame construction allows for properties to be completed up to 30% faster than traditional building methods.

  • Better planning

On site trades (often subcontractors) completing first or second fix prefer to work with offsite Timber Frame construction as they know that build schedules are less likely to alter, enabling planning and organisation to improve, also their profitability.

  • Better value

Overall, timber frame construction is far better value and increases both self-build and Developer ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Better end result

Research into Timber PAK offsite construction shows that costs can be more carefully controlled, waste is reduced by up to 90% and fewer defects helps to reduce snagging costs by up to 80%.

  • Safer construction

Timber PAK SW Ltd Offsite panel construction is also safer, reducing the risk of onsite worker injury by up to 80%.

  • The future

Since 2000, timber frame manufacturing has doubled, with industry turnover grown 10% from 2007. Experts predict that this will continue to grow, catching up on the 75% + per cent market share in Scotland.