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Prefabricated off site, erected on site, offering sustainability, durability and flexibility of design


Timber frame structures are being increasingly specified by the construction industry, house builders and self-builders. National developers now estimate that greater than 30% of their properties are being built in Timber Frame and increasing 8-10% year on year.

Industry experts predict the overall market share in England and Wales will eventually equal the size of the Scottish market share where 75% of construction is in Timber Fame Timber Frame Panel Construction offers a faster build and requires minimal skilled build techniques. (Reuters) state the prospect of Brexit choking off the supply of EU workers to come into force in 2019, that there is a fear within the construction industry that skilled bricklaying labour will diminish.

With Timber Frame the skill is in the off-site construction of the Timber Frame. Timber PAK SW Ltd timber frames are built to strict standards and quality within our own dedicated factory by skilled craftsmen and then delivered on-site and erected in a just a few hours/days. Once any frame is erected, the outer skin of the structure can be quickly and easily by finished using brick, stone, timber cladding, facing bricks or render.


The timber frames are all built with pre-fabricated insulation between the timber frame panel studs, making the property energy efficient and eco-friendly. This aids in compliance with the new standards for insulation set by Building Regulations. Factory fitted insulation is by far the preferred option for self-builders. Timber frame properties are made using sustainable timber. The structural framework uses stress graded softwood timber which is known for its strength, durability and resistance to the elements. The embodied energy in timber is low and the processing of timber to its finished state uses more than 25% less energy than that required for alternative materials.

Why Timber Pak


Strong and safe design

All of our timber frames are built to a strong and safe design.

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Timber Frame

Our timber frames are very versatile and can be tailored to meet client's requirements.

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Speed, cost & performance

Outlining the key advantages of timber frame construction and our process.

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