[Strong and Safe Design]

We pride ourselves on our tailored and environmentally friendly solution to building projects

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Strong, safe construction

Timber frames perform well in fire and will not flake, spall, melt, buckle or explode. Precise calculations can be made of the dimensions that structural timbers need to be to satisfy the UK’s strict fire and safety regulations.

For improved insulation and acoustics, the internal walls can be fitted with a high thermal insulation which will provide excellent U-values as well as lowering heating bills and offering excellent levels of sound transmission.

Timber PAK SW Ltd prides itself on offering a tailor-made and environmentally friendly solution to any residential or commercial build project. The experienced and highly skilled team is fully committed to providing clients with a professional service, overseeing every project from the initial enquiry through to supply and installation.

The friendly and dedicated team welcomes enquiries and will endeavour to create a perfect solution for any application.

What are the advantages of Timber Frames?

The building can be weatherproof in days after timber frame completion

Routing of mechanical and electrical items is straight forward after timber frame completion

Site build programmes are better adhered too

Why Timber Pak


Strong and safe design

All of our timber frames are built to a strong and safe design.

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Timber Frame

Our timber frames are very versatile and can be tailored to meet client's requirements.

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Speed, cost & performance

Outlining the key advantages of timber frame construction and our process.