[Foxdown Mews, Wellington]

Investor Built Project, A Terrace of Six Homes.
The investors involved in Foxdown Mews were keen to achieve a relatively quick return on their investment. For this purpose, the decision was made to use timber frame. Timber PAK SW Ltd were selected as the Frame Manufacturer. As a modern method of construction (MMC). Building a terrace of six properties achieved a faster construction.

What made the investors decide to use Timber Frame as opposed to traditional brick and block?
The over-riding decision to opt for timber frame was that it was energy efficient and the build time was rapid. Providing a good financial return to the investor was a requirement of the build. The new planning regulations demanded superior energy efficiency standards were adhered to. Timber frame houses achieve and retain excellent energy values, which in turn means the properties are cost efficient.  The construction company erected the six properties, to include the roofs, within 3 weeks, enabling other trades and suppliers to work in the dry, prior to the external brickwork cladding being completed.

Having worked alongside an excellent team of professionals. Timber PAK SW Ltd were nothing but exceptional, we were thrilled with the results. We are already looking forward to undertaking the next project together.

Chris Elliott


Why Timber PAK?

Having checked out a few companies by undertaking research online, and by making enquiries with individuals who had used timber frame companies previously and comparing quotes. The investors commented that what stood out and impressed them was that Timber PAK SW Ltd, offered a competitive price and that their product was of a superior quality and finish. Another aspect that the investors related to was that the company was local, ensuring they could support another local independent business.
As the partnership progressed between the investors and Timber PAK SW Ltd it became apparent that they were pleased with both the craftsmanship and exceptional standard of care afforded to them by the supplier, Timber PAK SW Ltd.

The investors visited the workshop and factory, enabling them the opportunity to gain an unrivalled understanding of the product and appreciate every aspect of the construction process.

The factory and workshop production tour proved invaluable in assisting the investors to reach their decision to use Timber PAK SW Ltd. This proved to be a successful decision as the build quality was exceptional and everything was meticulously managed. They were confident that everything would be perfectly crafted and fitted to absolute precision. Never needing to be concerned about various manufacturers being able to make or seamlessly fit between the different aspects of the build. Everyone was approachable, professional, and experts in their field. The investors felt their requirements were continually met and maintained at each stage of the project.

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