[The Burrows, Mary Tavy]

Harrington Homes Project:
21 Homes within Dartmoor National Park

A site that was previously used as a garage, had been left partially-cleared for several months by a contractor. The delay in the site being developed was due to its location within Dartmoor National Park with the added difficulty and complexity of build using bricks and mortar whilst adhering to the strict planning conditions associated with the site.

Harrington Homes is a developer who opts to use timber frames due to its modern method of construction (MMC) and energy efficient qualities, all whilst enabling a swift construction time. Timber frame construction met the approval of the planning department of Dartmoor National Park, it also was favourable as there would be considerably less local disruption, during construction.

Timber PAK SW Ltd were selected as the frame manufacturer because of the quality engineering of its frames and the innovation of its team. Timber PAK SW Ltd had to work hand in hand with the architects to meet the planning conditions whereby each property required a bespoke “simulated” chimney, adding ease of communication between the two companies.

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