[Timber PAK SW Ltd tIMBER fRAME construction Methods]

Providing a cost effective and energy efficient construction process

Interior View

Interior panel designs and layers of each material used

Exterior View

External materials and layers of build materials


timber pak panels



140 closed timber pak panel

140 OPEN


225 closed timber pak panel

225 OPEN

225 open timber pak panel

Benefits of Timber Frame Manufacture - Questions answered

"It’s more difficult to get a mortgage"

None of the major lending institutions differentiate between modern timber frame construction and brick and block.

"Timber frame homes have a short lifespan"

In order to obtain a mortgage, the house has to have a minimum lifespan of 60 years, which timber frame provides.

"Won’t a timber frame house rot?"

In order for timber to rot it has to have a moisture content in excess of 20% for a prolonged period, but with modern building methods, Building Regulations and a reasonable degree of property maintenance this should never be an issue.

"Is a timber frame house a fire risk?"

As with all construction types, Building Regs have to be fully complied with, which includes fire protection to the structural timber frame. The architect/designer will specify materials that reduce the potential for fire ignition, limit the spread of fire and stop the passage of hot gasses and smoke.

"Do chartered surveyors put a lower valuation on timber frame houses?"

RICS does not apply a reduced valuation to a timber frame house; indeed there is a school of thought that because of their energy efficiency they should attract a premium.

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